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 世界青少年領導研習營 HOBY 園地

     2017 HOBY經驗 心得分享     

林家薇 Jennifer

台北市薇閣中學 Taipei Wego Private Bilingual High School


Through the emotions of the end of July 17th to the sleepiness of the next day, I've been avoiding the fact that 2017 Hugh O’ Brian Youth Leadership Congress (WLC) is over. At this point, we have slowly slipping back into our routine. However, after WLC, our “normal” life doesn't seem quite the same as it did before. We may have more energy, from both the daily cheers we shouted out and the feelings of having lifelong friends all over the globe. I found that it is so hard to explain what the past two weeks I have in both Los Angeles and Chicago meant to friends and family. Yet, for those who understand, no explanation is needed. For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible. To me, WLC is an experience that cannot be fully described in only words. In a nutshell, it opened up a whole new perspective for me and I realised just how big of a difference the youth can make on the world. The international aspect of it especially brought it full circle as 475 of us from all over the world united for a week to become leaders. I was utterly shocked when I was exposed to so many bright and motivated teens who shared the same vision as me. It made me feel truly hopeful that my generation was going to improve the globe in so many ways.
There has been so many times since I came back to Taiwan that I wish I could do anything to go back to WLC, especially during the tough summer school days sitting in the classroom trying really hard to catch up the schedule I missed. For me, as the leader of Taiwan, it seemed that my mission was not going for a vacation, but to took care and manage my group mates and to exhibit our country since we are representing Taiwan. Frankly, two weeks of babysitting these people, is what I thought at first when flying to Los Angeles. But soon I know I was wrong. The thing that makes all HOBY ambassadors so special is their incredible energy and charisma, and this HOBY spirit was apparent even upon arrival. The air in Chicago O’Hare airport was just electric with excitement, as at long last, WLC was beginning. I was reminded of just how surreal being around HOBY was. No one paid any mind to the weird looks we got when yelling cheers with the Chinese ambassadors, to the disdain from onlookers as we crowded baggage claim and raised the volume of the airport ten fold. Everyone was completely immersed, and all-in from the very first moments. I knew it was going to be a great week.
After two weeks in the States, I started to hold the believe in more things. I believe in the power of friendship and family. The people around you are there for a reason. I believe they are part of the little spark that keeps you going in all that you do. I believe the friendships you choose can be the bane or the exaltation of your existence. I also believe that, if you surround yourself with the right people, you will become the best possible you. It should go without saying that family is along the same lines. I believe that all of us should cherish every minute with them and make the best of everything that happens within our groups.
I believe that the power of friendship can create genuine happiness inside of ourselves. The best times and worst times of my life, I have always had someone there to walk with me and hold my hand, so to speak, on those journeys–even if I was stubborn and tried to ignore them. I believe that the people you call your friends grow to be family along those journeys.
And HOBY, is my family.
The reason I believe in the power of friendship and family is because those are two things that have not only lived in my heart but have made it grow. I am astounded by how much of my life I have neglected this key fact, how much I have missed out on opportunities because of that neglect, and how much I want to discard that neglect moving on into the future. The power of friendship and family is dependant on each person’s experience, but I believe every person, looking back, will realise and believe this truth to be evident in their makeup as a human being.
In WLC, though knowing that everyone hold different opinions, here I could speak freely because I understand that people here will only give instructive critiques or advices instead of personal criticism like back in Taiwan. On Section Night, we talked a lot about authenticity and gratitude. We shared our own stories, appreciated those difficulties that made us a better and stronger person. Tears were shed with mixed feelings, not only because we were touched by ourselves for successfully overcame those agonies, but the genuine blessing and encouragements that people gave me.
In this day in age, when we are surrounded by violence and hateful acts and a crazy presidential race, it’s comforting to know that those of different cultures, religions, views and backgrounds can all come together respectfully and peacefully and learn how to lead together for the betterment of our local and global communities. HOBY has not only challenged me, but given me confidence, lifelong friends, a love of service, and a place where I belong.
Don’t keep calm. Go and change the world.

許珍侑 Emily

台北市私立衛理女子高級中學 Wesley Girls High School


我可以大聲地告訴每一個人,加入了這個龐大又溫暖的Hoby family是我高中生涯中做過最正確的事。還記得那天放學,誤打誤撞地走進學務處,不經意地拿起一個資料夾,不小心看到了Hoby台灣青少年領袖營的海報,在截止日期前急急忙忙準備好資料,然後就準備要參加我高中的第一個營隊,根本沒有想過Hoby會影響我這麼多!(這是唯一一個讓我捨不得到哭的營隊)
去到WLC後學到的東西更多,收穫也更多了,不管是去美國前的籌會時準備 presentation、設計紀念品、找廠商,還是聯絡政府機構找sponsor都已經學到了很多事情,也很難相信我們29個高中學生真的可以辦到這些。到了芝加哥大家面臨的事情又更多了,像是我們尷尬的國際關係、和其他國家的衝突,還有要跨出自己的舒適圈去和來自各地的大家交流,但因為大家都努力想辦法、互相鼓勵陪伴,所以順利渡過了很多,也學到不管甚麼時候、身在何處,都不要遺忘去關心這個世界和周遭的人事物跟環境,還有"leadership is service"、還有數不清的好多好多。我覺得WLC是一個讓我看到快樂、熱情、尊重、感恩的地方。當台下的大家高舉台灣國旗為台灣尖叫,臉上紋著我們設計的台灣貼紙,真的會覺得以台灣為傲,也很開心我們的努力真的有讓外國朋友們認識台灣多一些,甚至愛上台灣。
我最喜歡的是在WLC,大家會互相給予回饋和感動,這也是讓我反觀自己、成長最多的。在最後一個section time的時候,我們玩了一個叫love tunnel的活動。由兩排的人站成一條通道,每個人依次矇眼走過那個通道,經過每一個人的時候,他們會擁抱你,跟你說一些他們在你身上看到的價值、感謝你的話、還有鼓勵你的話,因為蒙上眼睛的關係,不會知道是誰在跟你講話,也沒有人知道你有沒有哭,所以那些聽到的話、說出去的話,都是發自內心的,最真誠的。我印象深刻的是有個中國女孩抱著我跟我說,她很開心我們之間的友誼沒有受到政治、或其他因素的影響,感覺特別純粹,謝謝我讓她看到人的真善美。還有一個美國女孩用英文說了我們好多好多的回憶,然後在最後突然抱緊我,用她前幾天跟我學的、生疏的中文說:「我愛你!朋友!」這些都讓我覺得我們雖然很小,但是可以做的事情很多,就算只影響了這個世界一點點,也算是改變世界。
就像Hoby daddy 說的一樣 : You're already gold and stay in that way.

邱如韻 Diana

台北市薇閣中學 Taipei Wego Private Bilingual High School


每個人都在找尋屬於自己的HOBY SPIRIT,
雖然寒假的HOBY Taiwan只有短短的三天,卻帶給我很深的影響。所有人都被分到不同的小隊也和自己小隊的人不同房間,為的是能更能認識來自各地的HOBY。喊OUTSTANDING跟Cheers,聽演講,Icebreaking,和自己的小隊用很少的時間準備Talent show,讓大家的心能更靠近一點。HOBY教我們的是一種互相幫助、彼此扶持的心。另外,在營期中有很多的機會可以站出來說話、問問題,但是我一直沒有站出來說過話,很佩服在大家面前說話的人的勇氣。
HOBY Taiwan在閉幕式有個大合唱,徵選的其中一個項目是指揮。其實我從來沒學過指揮,更別說當過指揮。不想在HOBY中卻沒給過自己一次嘗試的機會,我告訴隊輔我想試試看指揮。那時候是在Talent show的前幾個小時,運用Talent show的準備時間徵選合唱的項目,每個小隊都在緊迫的練習,我的小隊G15也是,我很怕我去了徵選卻練不到Talent show會拖累它們。但當我決定折返去練Talent show的時候,我的小隊卻很用力的推了我一把,叫我放心不要擔心Talent show、叫我加油勇敢去徵選。往徵選區走去,我眼眶都紅了,我要為了自己更要為了他們很努力很努力。徵選指揮的人很多,我可能是裡面少數根本不會指的,但既然來了就要盡自己最大的可能。我觀察其他人的動作,回想之前待過樂團指揮的手勢,別人徵選的時候就跟著在下面一次次練習。輪到我的時候,我帶著微笑,站上位置讓自己看起來有自信的樣子,舉起不自主發抖的雙手,開始了第一個手勢。這是我第一次指揮,還是在很多人面前,心裡很緊張更擔心裝出來的指揮會被看出來,但想到我是受到多大的支持才能有這個機會參加徵選,雖然很厚臉皮,我要盡全力裝到我能裝到的最好。當我指完最後一個手勢,不但沒有我擔心的事情發生,最出乎意料的,Mac公布名單的時候,我竟然聽到我的名字,完全不敢相信全身顫抖,我徵上大合唱指揮了,這是我從未想過會發生在我身上的事。原來不可能也有可能的一天。
最後一個晚上的Group Time,我所在的小隊G15圍著蠟燭分享著自己的故事和這幾天的感觸,隊上每個人和旁邊的人說一些話,然後為他綁上毛線,這是HOBY的傳統,相信毛線斷掉的那一天就是我們會再相遇的時刻。HOBY結束前,我們要寫一封給三個月後的自己的信和給別人的HOBY HUGS,我們互相拍照、抱在一起哭。現在讀著之前收到的信,還是會有種說不出的感動,很感謝我的小隊G15和隊輔Vivian和Sunny是他們帶我認識HOBY和開始我的HOBY STORY。
我們都是每個小隊中唯一的台灣人,像我們這組有台灣人、香港人、法國人和六個美國人,雖然來WLC之前有彼此聯繫過,要用英文和大家認識還是有些擔心。但第一天到WLC的時候,我遇到我的小隊G4的隊員便拉著我去找其他人,G4全員到齊後就興奮地互相擁抱。晚上的小隊時間,我們G4的隊輔Sarah帶我到布置好的房間,還貼心的準備了一袋的綠色配件,讓我們可以為自己代表的顏色和section歡呼。另外,我的室友是個很熱情美國人,來自和我不同的小隊,原本還有點害怕語言會造成我們熟不起來,但打開房門時她笑著和我打招呼,還借我幾乎所有我忘記帶的東西,我們睡前分享每天發生的事情一起大笑,後來Banquet的時候還一起打扮拍照,變成很好的朋友。Try to be open-minded,不要排斥和不同國家的人相處的機會,更不要再不同國籍上放上偏見,其實在不同背景下,我們都有一顆青少年的心。
WLC有個活動叫Global Showcase,每個國家都有十分鐘可以介紹自己的文化。然而,這次中國和台灣關係有點緊張,有好多對立和爭執。加上我是台灣Global Showcase的負責人,感覺壓力好大。我傳了訊息希望大家能尊重不同的文化,但還是幫助不了敵對的氣氛。在小隊時間我和G4說這件事和我的擔心,我說沒有人能選擇他們的背景和國家,更沒有人應該背負歷史的責任,為甚麼台灣人和中國人不能好好相處,瞭解彼此的文化?我覺得好無助。他們聽完我說都給我擁抱,和我說“Don’t be afraid. We will definitely support you.”小隊時間結束後我問我的隊輔Sarah我感覺我好像改變不了甚麼我該怎麼辦,她哭著抱緊我和我說“Just be yourself. Let your light shine. Diana, you are so so so special.”然後我也哭了,我們才認識不到一個禮拜,在失落的時候他們卻願意給我所有的支持,我們有著全然不同的國籍和故事,但HOBY有種能量把我們緊緊地綁在一起。後來,神奇的是氣氛漸漸緩和下來,幾天後的Global Showcase很成功,看到台下全世界的人喊著:「Taiwan!」手揮著台灣國旗為我們cheer。感覺我們被看見,台灣被看見了。
Creative Activity中我選到的是Choir,他們徵鋼琴和獨唱,也有很多人加了舞蹈和其他樂器。我不知道我可以做甚麼,想到在台灣營做過的事,我鼓起勇氣問負責人他們需不需要指揮,他想了一下說我不會說我們不需要,要我兩天後指給大家看。我被嚇到了,以為自己會被拒絕。在每天Choir之後留下來練習,希望能熟悉曲子。兩天後,在Choir練習時站到台上,負責人給我了節拍,但第一下我沒抓到拍點,腦中一片空白,就在我愣住時,台下傳來此起彼落的加油聲“Hey, you can do it.”大家都在為我加油。舉起手,第二次就成功了,我真的通過成為WLC Choir的指揮了,指完的時候,台下傳來掌聲,還有陌生人伸出手和我擊掌。我還是不會指揮,但是勇氣真的能讓夢想發生。就像HOBY教我們去體會的:只要敢站出來,全部人都會支持你。
Section Night的時候,Green Section的人排成兩排,排頭的人會被蒙上眼往前走,任何人都可以在別人走過的時候抱住那個人說幾句話。聽到第一個人說話我就開始哭了,我的隊輔抱我抱得好緊,告訴我要堅持自己的想法,她相信我做得到。好多人給我擁抱,有人鼓勵我說我很棒,有人告訴我要加油,很多話讓我好感動,感覺我是被愛的,遇到我的同隊的更是抱著彼此大哭。再走幾步聽到〝Go and be the change you want to be.〞另一個人抱著我和我說〝You are gifted in leadership. Use it to make a difference.〞我有好多的感謝,幾乎是哭著走完全程,可是心裡暖暖的。
HOBY是個特別的營隊,雖然每個人都在經歷同一個營隊,但只有自己能決定每一步要是甚麼樣子,每個人的HOBY STORY都不一樣。在這裡,你可以很坦然很自在地做自己,說你自己的故事,因為那就是真正的你。而HOBY讓你知道,不用害怕別人的眼光,真正的你也是被愛的。
不要怕去碰撞他人陌生的故事,更不要怕為自己的故事創造更多可能性,每個人都在試著遇見更好的自己。一直記得在HOBY台灣營最後一天我拿到的幸運紙條寫著“Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something cause life is just a journey, now or never, all or nothing.”為自己勇敢一次,如果錯過了,時間就不會再重來,沒有嘗試過永遠不知道自己能做到比自己想像得更多。
It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.


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